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UFO Activity


  • Grays, Abductions & 'Benevolents'
  • Instantaneous Travel & Making Contact with UFOs
  • Chernobyl Incident & New Energy
  • Speaking Extraterrestrial
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    Contactee James Gilliland discussed recent UFO activity around the world and at his Gilliland Ranch, where numerous eyewitnesses have documented ongoing contact with a variety of alien races.

    Gilliland, who claims to have been in direct communication with extraterrestrials for the last 15 years, said global UFO activity will continue to increase until their existence is undeniable. According to Gilliland, the spiritually- and technologically-advanced benevolent aliens that are visiting us have overcome disease and warfare, are capable of instantaneous travel to anywhere in the universe, and are here to help us in our 'awakening.'

    Gilliland noted that many extraterrestrial races have broken off contact with governments (who tend to shoot at them), and are instead appearing to 'common people.' He also shared some ways that observers could initiate personal contact with UFOs. Near the start of the 4th hour, Art asked listeners to assist him with an 'intent' experiment designed to produce mass UFO sightings across the planet.

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