Big Bopper, Buddy Holly & Peggy Sue

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Big Bopper, Buddy Holly & Peggy Sue


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    In the first half-hour, George spoke with author R. Gary Patterson and Jay Richardson, son of the Big Bopper. In 1959, the Big Bopper died in a plane crash that also claimed the lives of rock 'n' roll icons, Buddy Holly and Ritchie Valens.

    Richardson, who recently had his father's body exhumed, shared some details from the autopsy. According to the medical examiner, the Bopper was killed by the impact of the crash, not from a bullet as some had theorized. Richardson also discussed his music career and forthcoming Winter Dance Party Tour.

    During the second half-hour, Patterson was joined by the girl immortalized in Buddy Holly's famous love ballad, 'Peggy Sue' Gerron. Gerron talked about her life, relationship with Holly, and her new book, Whatever Happened to Peggy Sue?.

    Patterson stayed on through the second hour to take calls and talk more about 'The Day the Music Died.'

    Super Human Hotline

    During the second half of the show, George offered a 'super-human' hotline for callers with stories about people with extraordinary physical or emotional strength.

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