Protecting Bigfoot

Protecting Bigfoot


HostArt Bell

GuestsTodd Standing

Bigfoot investigator Todd Standing discussed his observations of large primate creatures, which his team has videotaped in a remote mountainous area. A kineticist who analyzed some of the video footage said that the creature moved faster than any human could.

Standing believes these creatures are a species known as Gigantopithecus that are primarily nocturnal and particularly skillful at evading humans. Near their "domicile," they use a "day watcher" to keep an eye out while they are sleeping, he reported. Standing is promoting a petition to make Bigfoot a protected species, and the Canadian House of Commons is now considering it.

During the last hour, "Bugs," a previous guest of Art's, phoned in to go over his account of shooting and burying two Bigfoot back in the 1970's, in the Texas Panhandle, while Standing reacted. The creatures, which Bugs and a fellow hunter initially thought were bears, had reddish-brown hair, nose and eyes similar to humans, and the female had breasts. He estimated the male was 8 and a half feet tall and weighed around 500 lbs.

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