Todd Standing

Todd Standing


For the past ten years Todd Standing has been conducting expeditions, documenting chronicles and interviewing people regarding the subject of Sasquatch. In 2006 he publically showed two separate crystal clear bigfoot videos he himself filmed which he used to petition the Canadian government for species protection of Bigfoot. The petition was certified and tabled in the Canadian House of Commons. The media response was enormous with hundreds of newspapers, television networks, radio stations and websites that receptively presented his work across the globe.

Since then he has filmed Bigfoot on multiple other occasions. In 2013 his cooperation expanded dramatically after taking two Ph.D.'s into the field and convincing them his Sasquatch research is authentic. That combined with the unprecedented success Todd was able to achieve with the skeptical "Survivorman," guiding host Les Stroud into regions abundant with Sasquatch tracks and markings that left him impressed. Each episode of "Survivorman Bigfoot" showcases real life close encounters with these giant primates. The expert outdoorsmen were left "with chills" as these amazing creatures moved within 50 yards of their position, and were recorded on camera in live action on multiple occasions.



Past Shows:

  • Astrology Alignment / Sasquatch Explorations

    Astrologer Mark Lerner discussed cycles of planetary alignment in relation to the election turmoil. Followed by Todd Standing and Danielle Diva Borozan on their Sasquatch explorations.More »
  • Understanding Sasquatch/ ET & UFO Mysteries

    Colonel David Hunt shared geopolitical analysis. Followed by Todd Standing with Bigfoot updates, and Jonny Enoch on ET/UFO mysteries.More »
  • Bigfoot Vocalizations

    In the second hour, Todd Standing discussed his documentation of Bigfoot and efforts to make these creatures a protected species in Canada.More »
  • Hitler's Secret Plan to Kill Pope Pius XII

    Ian spoke with author Dan Kurzman about Adolf Hitler's covert plan to invade the Vatican, seize its treasures, and kidnap and kill Pope Pius XII.More »
  • Protecting Bigfoot

    Bigfoot investigator Todd Standing discussed his observations of large primate creatures, which his team has videotaped in a remote mountainous area.More »

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