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    In a night of "Secret Door" guests, six people made surprise appearances on the show. Author Jim Marrs was first through the door, touching on 9-11 conspiracies, UFOs and the JFK assassination. The suspicious short selling of stocks before the 9-11 attacks was tracked to people connected with the CIA, and E. Howard Hunt admitted on his deathbed that there was an internal plot related to JFK's death, he reported.

    Richard C. Hoagland was jazzed about the new Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter's hi-res image of the Face on Mars. The Face is a huge building, about one mile long and one mile wide-- though sand blasted and wind eroded, girders can be seen, he declared.

    Jim Karol, the magician and entertainer known as the 'Psychic Madman' came through next, discussing his latest career endeavors as well as intuition. A dictionary of rhyme is available as a free download, he shared.

    With a view on the year ahead, trendcaster Gerald Celente checked in. Though we may be entering a cultural American renaissance, we are in the midst of a recessionary period not unlike the late 70's-- investing in precious metals such as gold is good "insurance," he offered.

    Privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht shared an update on RFID chips, noting that the US government wants to embed the tracking chips into driver's licenses as part of a new National ID program. Such federalized control over our movements and identification is an encroachment, she said, adding that the ACLU is doing a good job calling attention to the problem with their realnightmare.org site.

    Last through the secret door, was prophecy expert John Hogue-- the former opera singer arrived with a song. Then, he told us by the end of 2008, we'll be entering a transit of Pluto and Capricorn, an astrological crossing that hasn't happened since the late 18th century-- a period marked by enlightenment and revolution, which could play out again.

    Houdini Update

    First hour guests, Larry Sloman, the co-author of The Secret Life of Houdini, and professor of forensic science, James Starrs discussed the planned exhumation of Houdini’s body. Houdini had a contentious battle with many in the Spiritualist movement and might have been poisoned by one of his adversaries, said Sloman. His remains, such as hair and fingernails could reveal evidence of poisoning, Starrs noted.

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