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George King & The Aetherius Society


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    UK paranormal expert Richard Lawrence returned for a discussion about contactee George King, and the Aetherius Society which King founded. Beginning in 1954, King began to receive information from benevolent ET beings or "Space Masters," and over the years he became a dedicated channel for their messages, Lawrence noted. King was able to put himself in anelevated state of consciousness known as Samadhi, so that he could be on the same wavelength as the evolved beings, he explained.

    Among the additional details Lawrence shared about the George King material:

    • King gave out forecasts of when UFO activity would occur, which was then verified by independent witnesses.
    • A "Spiritual Energy Radiator" was developed to store and send out healing energies.
    • The ETs have consistently spoke about the dangers of nuclear experimentation, and sent a telepathic warning to King just before the Chernobyl accident in 1986.
    • The beings have stressed the importance of "service to others" rather than oneself.
    • King led "Operation Starlight," in which he traveled to eighteen different mountains. Teaming up with the channeled beings, they cosmically "charged" the mountains so that these summits would send healing energy out into the world.

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