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Future Technologies


  • Life Extension
  • Robotics & Cyborgs
  • Flying & Automated Cars
  • Life Extension
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    During the first three hours, scientist Jan Hodges discussed the latest developments in 'Star Trek' like technology that will allow humans to realize their full potential in various fields. Here are his 'Top Ten Future Technologies':

    • Free Energy
    • Transporter - Tele-presence
    • Replicator Technology
    • Universal Communicator
    • Cures for Whatever Ails You
    • Fountain of Youth
    • Personal Protection
    • Flying Cars
    • Robotics/Living Computers
    • Time Machine

    The Time Machine may be the most difficult to achieve, as we haven't figured out the laws of time yet, said Hodges-- though he believes we'll eventually be able to send data (but not living beings) across time. Cyborgs could be here by 2050, and "tele-presence" would allow people to experience the sensations of say being on Mars, while still here on Earth.

    The first flying cars will begin to be sold by 2025, he reported, and eventually vehicles will be able to drive themselves. Teleportation will function by transmitting the "essence" of a person into a new copy of themselves at a different location, he added.

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