Tapping into Intuition

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Tapping into Intuition

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Researcher and psychotherapist Dr. Laurie Nadel discussed her work exploring the 'sixth sense,' and helping individuals tap into their intuitive powers. Everyone has their own "personal intuitive signal" --unique cues that may be visual or auditory-- yet these signals come from something beyond the five senses, she said.

25% of adults rely on intuition, whereas 43% of children do, indicating that as people grow older they are turning off this ability, she reported. Mothers sometimes exhibit a natural intuition about their children, knowing instants before if something is about to happen to them. Nadel suggested this ability may actually be biologically wired. A downside for intuitive people is that they tend to worry more, so they have to be able to separate anxieties from intuition, she noted.

She also spoke about shamans, healers from indigenous groups that travel to other dimensions to obtain healing information for the sick. Dr. Nadel announced that she is now hosting a weekly show called 'The Sixth Sense' on WebTalkRadio.

Mall Shooting & Security

First hour guest, Douglas Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network, commented on security issues related to the Nebraska mall shooting. Such incidents have grown exponentially since the Charles Whitman shooting spree in 1966, he noted.

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