Night of Open Lines

Hosted byIan Punnett


Night of Open Lines

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Filling in for George, Ian Punnett hosted an evening of Open Lines. Jeremy in Santa Rosa, California shared his theory about 'the antichrist' possibly being aliens. Darrell from Indiana talked about the housing bubble and foreclosures. Darrell said he was bothered by people who blame banks/lenders for taking out loans they could not afford.

Elaine in Obrien, Oregon discussed bizarre incidents that have occurred around her mountaintop, off-the-grid house. She claims to have found three-toed footprints and seen hovercraft over her property. Elaine pointed out similarities between these occurrences and some of the unexplainable events at Skinwalker Ranch.

Several callers phoned in to talk about the late William Cooper, host of the shortwave radio show Hour of the Time and author of Behold a Pale Horse.

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