Abductions & Hybrids

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Abductions & Hybrids

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Appearing during the first two hours, abduction researcher David Jacobs discussed alien hybrids. "The evidence, to me, is not just compelling, it's relatively overwhelming," he said about the latest developments in his research into the hybrid phenomenon.

Looking at the foundation of the hybrid theory, he stressed that reproductive issues constitute a "central feature" of abductions and that "we can't get away from that." Jacobs cited specific cases, that he has worked on, where women had their pregnancy confirmed by doctors and then their unborn babies mysteriously disappeared. He speculated that the hybridization program "seems to go back to the early 1980's" and that he has observed, over the years, a "certain refining of the hybrid species that has occurred over the generations and you're getting hybrids that look much, much, much more human."

With regards to future of these hybrids, Jacobs made a startling revelation. He noted that, for years, he was reticent to say that the hybrids were "among us" on Earth, but in light of his most recent research, he is now of the belief that the integration of the species into society has begun. Jacobs based this change of perspective on the testimonies of abductees that he has worked with, "it's this whole other world that I've never heard before, that I am, in fact, hearing now, over and over again."

OPUS & Spiritual Contact

In the latter half of the show, Les Velez talked about the Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support (OPUS), and was joined by contactee Naomi Duane. Velez said that the mission of OPUS was to "help people who are having paranormal experiences" and to create a network of people who could provide support for such experiencers. He stressed the positive power of comradery amongst paranormal experiencers, saying "what we've found to be one of the best things for people to be able to do is to communicate with someone who's had a similar circumstance happen to them."

Duane recounted her encounter with extraterrestrials, explaining that she feels her experience was positive and that, as such, she considers herself a contactee rather than an abductee. She attributed this to what she described as a "spiritual element" to her experiences, which has compelled her to develop a musical career after having no previous experience as a musician.

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