Ghost-to-Ghost 2008

Ghost-to-Ghost 2008


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsOpen Lines, Pat Fitzhugh

George Noory hosted the 2008 Halloween edition of Ghost-to-Ghost, with callers sharing their spookiest stories. Tales from listeners included ghost encounters at a garage, a bar, a casino, and even a college's photo department darkroom. Others shared accounts of terrifying spirit attacks in their sleep, a ghost spotted on a webcam, and a woman who heard three knocks and a "death rattle" and then found out that her ex-boyfriend had died that night.

Richard in Los Angeles related a series of strange events that befell his friend Andy. They began when Andy and his mother both had dreams of a little girl standing in the basement of their home. For the next year, strange occurrences and sounds plagued the abode. It culminated when Andy was sleeping one night and was woken up by an itching sensation. He turned on the light and discovered "a tiny handprint on his arm, like a rash in the shape of a hand." Soon after that, he found a tiny crawlspace in the back of his closet, just big enough for a small child to fit inside. "Ever since he found that crawlspace, there haven't been any more incidents," Richard said.

One heartwarming call came from nine-year-old Charlie, who said that he'd been seeing his deceased grandfather for "a number of months." The youngster recounted seeing his late grandfather waving to him after soccer practice and reacting, "I must be going insane to see this." When asked how he felt about the visits, Charlie replied "I really appreciate that," since he'd been unable to see his grandfather much because they lived two states away from each other.

Throughout the evening, past C2C guests appeared during segments to tell their favorite ghost stories. Joshua Warren recalled the tale of a photograph which foretold a man's mysterious disappearance. John DeSalvo gave an account of a deceased woman acting as mediator between her feuding daughters. Other guests included Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Lionel Fanthorpe, Fiona Horne, "Ghostbuster" Mary Ann Winkowski, and Dr. Morgus, who shared a special ghostly poem.

The Bell Witch

First hour guest Pat Fitzhugh talked about the infamous case of the 'Bell Witch.' He detailed the origins of the story, which go back to 1817 in Tennessee, when John Bell saw a strange animal which "had the head of rabbit and the body of a dog." Bell shot at the creature, which then disappeared. Following that, the Bell family was tormented by an entity in their home for years to come, most notably via frequent attacks on the Bell children.

According to Fitzhugh, the 'Bell Witch' even began speaking and declared that it "wanted to kill the patriarch of the family, John Bell, but it never said why." Reportedly, upon the death of John Bell the entity "was singing happy, cheerful songs" as the family's patriach was "being lowered into the ground at his funeral."

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