Secrets, Physics, & UFOs

Secrets, Physics, & UFOs


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsRobert Laughlin, Richard Dolan

Appearing during the first half of the show, Nobel laureate and Physics Professor Robert B. Laughlin discussed the impact of knowledge increasingly being sequestering from the public. While a certain amount of information is kept secret for legitimate military or security purposes (such as how to build an atomic bomb), more and more knowledge is being restricted for economic reasons, he explained. Many companies consider ideas to be their intellectual property.

Laughlin also touched on developments in cloning and weaponry, and expressed his doubts that black holes actually exist. The equations for black holes don't make sense, and it's not a science until you actually go out and measure it, he said.

Researcher Richard Dolan spoke about UFO cases in the second-half of the program. His forthcoming book looks at some 200 well-documented military encounters with UFOs in the 1970s and 80s. He described one incident that took place at a Peru air base in May, 1980 over a two-day period. An aerial object was hovering over the base and a jet fighter was ordered to fire a missile at it. The UFO sped off to avoid the missile, only to return the next day.

He also spoke about a 1988 incident in the Great Lakes region, where a large craft appeared over frozen Lake Erie, and according to witnesses caused the ice to crack and melt. The craft reportedly sent out scout ships, and was seen over a nuclear installation in the area. More about the case here. Dolan, who believes disclosure is inevitable within a decade, will be lecturing at the UFO Conference in Las Vegas this weekend.

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