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Involved with the paranormal from an early age, author Timothy Green Beckley shared details of UFO encounters, and stories from his life and career. As a teenager, he created one of the first UFO periodicals, which he collated together with mimeographed sheets. Later, he merged his publication with Jim Moseley's Saucer News. As a journalist, he interviewed John Lennon's girlfriend May Pang, who described Lennon's UFO sighting off his Manhattan terrace, of a large circular craft that shot off a beam of light.

At the age of 10, Beckley said he encountered a UFO, an object rotating over an abandoned factory building. He noted that certain people, as well as places, seem to attract UFOs and strange events. He described Joe Simonton's 1961 encounter in Wisconsin with three humanoids in a silver craft who gave him some "pancakes" they were cooking outside. The Howard Menger contactee case was also covered.

Beckley believes UFOs are not necessarily extraterrestrial, but could be originating from races that live inside a vast tunnel system inside the Earth. He knew both Ray Palmer and Richard Shaver, who purposed such a theory back in the 1940s. Shaver suggested that UFOs could be projections in the sky made by a subterranean race rather than actual craft.

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First hour guest, trends analyst Gerald Celente commented on the economy. The US auto industry, now seeking a bailout, made poor choices on trends and innovations, he noted. Retail in general is going to be hit hard, and we'll see expanded job losses and closures after Christmas, he added.


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Timothy Green Beckley (pictured in caricature) sent us a set of images to accompany his presentation. View them here.

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