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Starchild Skull & Hominoids

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Researcher Lloyd Pye shared the latest news about DNA and the Starchild Skull, and also spoke about his studies of hominoids and the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull. The 900-year-old Starchild Skull, found buried in Mexico, will receive expanded DNA testing, funded by the makers of a British television documentary, Pye announced (the program is set to air in the fall of 2009). He believes this testing could establish what alien DNA looks like.

On a recent trip to Australia, Pye had the chance to examine the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull, which he found to have unique attributes. It was cut against the axis of the crystal itself, and such cuts couldn't have been done with hand tools, he commented. Also, the jawbone is completely separate from the skull, but both pieces came from the same lump of quartz, and the skull's teeth fit together in a precisely human fashion.

In regards to his research into hominoids (indigenous primates distinct from humans), Pye cited the work of Dr. Aaron Filler who identified a fossil vertebrae as being that of an upright walking primate dating as far back as 21.5 million years ago. Creatures such as Bigfoot may have descended from Miocene Apes, who lived 12-13 million years ago, he added.

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First hour guest, investment advisor Mish Shedlock offered an update on the economy. The credit default swap market doesn't believe companies like GM are going to survive, he said. Shedlock also spoke out against bailout plans, which he characterized as intrusions against free markets.


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Lloyd Pye sent us a set of images to accompany his presentation. Pictured is an illustration of one of the "Hobbits" discovered in 2004.

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