D.B. Cooper & Nikola Tesla

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D.B. Cooper & Nikola Tesla

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In the first hour, attorney Galen Cook provided an update on his investigation of D.B. Cooper, the notorious hijacker who in 1971 parachuted from an airliner with a $200,000 ransom and vanished without a trace. Cook said he recently made contact with Florence Schaffner, one of the flight attendants aboard the hijacked aircraft and an eyewitness to the crime. Schaffner was sent photos of the D.B. Cooper suspect, Bill Gossett, and told Cook that Gossett looks very much like the man she saw on the plane that day. Schaffner also revealed to Cook that D.B. Cooper had been wearing makeup to darken his skin.

During the middle two hours, Emmy-Award winning television producer and author Tim Swartz discussed the life, work, and 'lost journals' of inventor Nikola Tesla. Swartz said he first learned about Tesla while on assignment at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio. A press liaison there told him the Air Force had been involved in research and development on various things from "that mad scientist, Tesla." Through FOIA docs Swartz discovered the U.S. government had been using notes confiscated from Tesla to build what the inventor referred to as a 'teleforce weapon' or death ray.

Swartz spoke about Tesla's experiment in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where he reportedly received non-terrestrial radio transmissions. He theorized that Tesla may have been picking up EVPs (Electronic Voice Phenomena), some of which spoke verbally about global warming, Swartz noted. Swartz also touched on HAARP, which he said was based on Tesla's research into the wireless transmission of energy, as well as Tesla's concept of rotating electromagnetic fields, which he suggested may have resulted in the infamous Philadelphia Experiment and could one day lead to invisibility.

The last hour of the show featured Open Lines.


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Galen Cook has provided photos and additional info about his D.B. Cooper suspect, Bill Gossett. The complete gallery of D.B. Cooper materials discussed by Cook on previous C2C programs can be found here and video of the suspect is featured here.

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