Healing, Intention, & Remote Viewing

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Healing, Intention, & Remote Viewing

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Researcher of non-local consciousness and futurist, Stephan Schwartz discussed his work on the power of prayer, healing, therapeutic intention and using remote viewing to explore your own future. He described witnessing a healing ritual some 40 years ago with Rolling Thunder, a medicine man and shaman, wherein a boy's serious wounds were mended, as an overhead mist took the shape of a canine.

Healing intention can change the structure of water, and that may be the power behind holy water, he said. Certain springs are associated with healing, and there've been 84 confirmed cases of miracle healing at Lourdes, Schwartz reported. But in most cases of healing, "the healer opens up to non-local consciousness and links with the consciousness of the recipient through their intention and stimulates the recipient to awaken their own immune system," he explained. The idea of therapeutic intent takes healing out of a religious context, he added.

Schwartz spoke about his 2050 Project, begun in 1978, in which remote viewers looked at the future. The viewers back in '78 correctly predicted the demise of the Soviet Union, the rise of global terrorism, AIDS, and virtual reality, he detailed. Since then, some 4,000 people have participated in the study, and the results have led Schwartz to be optimistic about life around 2050. It's a calmer time, where genetic engineers have solved most illnesses, and people are more attuned with nature, he said.

Exopolitics Update

First hour guest, researcher Paola Harris presented an update on UFOs and Exopolitics (the political implications of the ET presence). She recently spoke at an Exopolitics conference in Italy, with participants from such countries as France, Germany, Sweden, and Denmark. Harris, who's teaching courses at the Exopolitics Institute, noted that entertainment stars, such as Robbie Williams, are starting to get involved in the cause.

Climate News

Appearing briefly at the start of the show, Dr. Roy Spencer commented on the wave of cold weather, and said we could be heading into a period of global cooling rather than warming.

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