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Psychic Spying & UFOs

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Date Host George Knapp
Guests Gary S. Bekkum, Ted Phillips

Rogue journalist Gary S. Bekkum discussed his research into Project Star Gate, a secret program halted in 1995 that used remote viewing and psychic spying for military purposes. In studying the declassified files covering more than two decades, he found information about lesser known efforts such as experiments with remote influencing, and telepathy. Attempts were made to send psychic messages to soldiers, and this was met with mixed success, he noted. "Project P," in which viewers tried to read headlines from newspapers of the future, didn't appear to work, though Bekkum said one headline perceived had '9-11' in its title.

There were psychic hints of 9-11 as far back as 1983, said Bekkum. An experiment involving altered states of consciousness at the Monroe Institute yielded a vision of an airplane with explosives flying toward the Capitol building. In a 1986 program tracking terrorism, some psychics described simultaneous attacks on New York and Washington, with a building collapsing from something flying through it, he shared.

Bekkum talked about the connections between psychic spying and UFOs/aliens. Ingo Swann, who developed the remote viewing protocols, reported seeing entities building bases on the moon, as well as a UFO shooting lasers in Alaska. Intelligence agencies could be using the Internet as a social control experiment. He cited Project Serpo (about a human/ET exchange) as an example of a possible disinformation leak that was introduced in order to observe how the information spreads and changes.

Marley Woods Update

First hour guest, UFO researcher Ted Phillips gave an update on Marley Woods, a several mile-wide area [in an undisclosed location] that's been a hotbed for anomalous activity for a number of years. Among the recent incidents, he reported on a rancher's horse that appeared to have exploded in a barn, red balls of light coming off the ground, and sightings of huge white "dogs," thought to weigh around 200 lbs. each. Sample hairs of the "dogs" were sent to a microbiologist and they didn't match any known canine, bear, or horse hairs, he detailed.


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