Energy Technologies & Jersey Devil

Energy Technologies & Jersey Devil


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsSterling D. Allan, James McCloy

Appearing during the first half of the program, the CEO of New Energy Congress, Sterling D. Allan discussed various breakthrough technologies in clean & free energy systems. The New Energy Congress acts a brain trust to evaluate various concepts, and maintains a list of the Top 100 Technologies. First on their list is Stirling Energy Systems which uses solar energy at a cost competitive to grid power.

Allan touched on such concepts as magnet motors, plasma energy, jet packs, and zero point energy. The biggest impediment to moving forward on some of these breakthroughs isn't necessarily the suppression of them by Big Oil, but rather interpersonal conflicts amid the inventors, he said. Further, the inventors tend to over-promise and under-deliver, he opined. When free energy does eventually come to the forefront, it will allow us to replace the old mentality of scarcity with abundance, Allan concluded.

In the second half of the show, author James F. McCloy (book link) talked about the history of the Jersey Devil, on the 100 year anniversary of sightings of the strange creature in the Delaware Valley. Originally called the Monster of Leeds, or Leeds Devil, folklore has it that the creature was a baby born to the Leeds family in 1735, their 13th child. But upon its birth, it transformed itself into a hideous winged beast that flew out the chimney.

Later, reports of a cryptid, of varying descriptions, and possibly with the ability to change its shape, was said to haunt the New Jersey Pine Barrens region, and it became known as the Jersey Devil. During the week of January 16–23, 1909, across the Delaware Valley, strange tracks were found in the snow and across the rooftops of houses, with witnesses claiming to see something like a large flying kangaroo.

Sporadic sightings have continued, with one as recently as October, 2008 where a witness in Jackson, NJ reported seeing an odd creature with a 3 ft. wingspan and a high-pitched grunt, McCloy recounted. A group called The Devil Hunters tracks and investigates current sightings, he added.



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Imagine a World of Future Energy is a short video from Sterling Allan's Pure Energy Systems (PES), depicting a home that runs on its own generator without fuel. More videos are available at the PESNetwork Channel.

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