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Parallel Realities & the Paranormal


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    Scientist and paranormal investigator Philip Imbrogno discussed his research into UFOs and detailed how they may be emanating from parallel realities. He explained that the evolution of his UFO research has led him to see that the phenomenon is much more than purely physical, "I was looking for the extraterrestrial hypothesis to this entire thing, but as time went on, I realized that UFO phenomena is more towards the paranormal." With that in mind, and in combination with emerging theoretical physics, Imbrogno now believes that UFOs and other paranormal activity may be the result of crosses between alternative dimensions.

    Tying this futuristic science together with ancient cultures, he talked about the Islamic stories of the Jinn, "a race of beings that exist in another world very close to ours and interacts with our world from time to time." Imbrogno noted that Jinn-like entities exist in traditions throughout the world, such as the Native American "Trickster." He cautioned against dismissing such stories as folklore, saying "we have called them many different things throughout time. It could be that they are very real and that they are there."

    Based on his view that the paranormal world is all interconnected, Imbrogno encouraged more cooperation between different fields of research. He speculated that a well-funded, full-time group of researchers, studying all types of paranormal activity, "could solve this 100 percent." However, he lamented, the fragmented nature of paranormal studies seems to prevent that from happening. Calling out to those studying high strangeness, of all types, Imbrogno said, "I mean, give me a break, people. We're all trying to solve this problem. We all have pieces of the puzzle. Everybody work together and put it together."

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