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Planet X Special


  • Wilde: Heart Health
  • Lloyd: Ezekiel One Novel
  • Lloyd: Interactions of Planet X
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    Appearing in the second hour, Jaysen Rand talked about his theories concerning the return of Planet X, which he believes to be a brown dwarf star around the size of Saturn. He suggested that Planet X is the same celestial body identified in the Bible's Book of Revelation as Wormwood, and will pass by in 2009, and then return again in 2012 causing much havoc.

    In the third hour, callers offered their take on the possibility of a Planet X in our solar system, and in the last hour researcher Andy Lloyd shared his 'Dark Star' theory. A sub brown dwarf could exist in the gap between the Kuiper Belt, beyond Neptune, and the Oort Cloud, which is thought to surround the edge of the solar system, he said. This object could have a significant magnetic field which may interact or cause changes with our sun, he hypothesized.

    Lloyd also talked about his new novel Ezekiel One, which transposes some of his 'Dark Star' theories into a sci-fi thriller. Curiously, one of the characters he invented, a Russian oligarch who owns a London newspaper, seems to be literally coming to life. More here.

    Heart Health Update

    First hour guest, Christian Wilde shared an update on heart health. He discussed cases in which cayenne was successfully used to suddenly revive cardiac patients. Cayenne can help dissolve fibrin which contributes to blood clots, he explained.

    To keep track of one's heart health, Wilde recommended testing for homocysteine levels in the blood. Billy, an angina patient, joined the show briefly, speaking of the success he'd had with surgery that included a stem cell treatment.


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