Prophecy, UFOs, & Shroud of Turin

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Prophecy, UFOs, & Shroud of Turin

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Biblical prophecy researcher Joye Pugh offered her views of good vs. evil, end times, UFOs, cloning and the Shroud of Turin. She became interested in the subject of end times when she had an unforgettable dream at age six-- she saw a world of blackened devastation, and a huge wall under a darkened sun. Years later, when she first read the Book of Revelation, the description was a match for what she saw. 2012 will mark the beginning of a seven-year period of end times, she declared.

According to Pugh, a number of genes have a psychological impact on behavior, and the fallen angels may have tinkered with human genetics in order to create evil. ET visitations, which she associates with the fallen angels, have an evil purpose where abductees are often hurt or given misinformation, she stated.

The Shroud of Turin is an authentic artifact that contained remnants of Christ's blood, said Pugh, who went on to suggest this blood was used to continue the Merovingian line, and that Prince William was cloned from it. She has posted comparison photos of William and Jesus (scroll down) and named him as possibly being the Antichrist. Diana was killed because she was going to talk about it, she added.

Avian Flu & Terrorism

Appearing during the first half-hour, Dr. Gary Ridenour warned that radical Muslims in Indonesia might be trying to mutate the Avian flu for terrorism purposes.


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