Prophecy, Nostradamus, & Obama

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Prophecy, Nostradamus, & Obama

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Prophecy scholar John Hogue discussed predictions for 2009, the future of the economy, the Obama administration, al-Qaeda threats, and the works of Nostradamus. In looking at the economy, we have to redefine depression— what we're experiencing is "an ulcer from within"-- a value system based on speculation that doesn't work. And the new administration is looking at depression like it's the 1930s, creating jobs for a blue collar work force that's to some extent no longer even here, he explained.

Like Lincoln, Obama will be reeling from one crisis to the next, possibly all the way into his fourth year in office, Hogue predicted. Further, Treasury Sec. Geithner may not remain in the cabinet, and treasury secretaries could come and go, until Obama finds the right fit. However, Obama & Clinton will make quite a team, drawing comparisons to past Pres. & Sec. of State combos such as Nixon and Kissinger, he offered. The two most dangerous situations of 2009 relate all the way back to land partitions made in 1947-- India/Pakistan and Israel/Palestine. Israel in particular could move into a direct confrontation with Iran this year, he detailed.

This is also the year that al-Qaeda will try another attack on the US, as Obama is a big threat to them, he said, adding that the date of the attack will likely have a 9 or 11 in it. In regards to what has been dubbed the Lost Books of Nostradamus, Hogue doubted that Nostradamus was actually their creator. Nostradamus had crippling arthritis and it's more likely his son, a talented artist, made the illustrations in the book, he suggested.

Economy Update

First hour guest, financial advisor Mish Shedlock offered commentary on the stimulus & bailout plans. Nothing has changed-- the new administration is following the economic policies of Bush/Paulson, bailing out banks with no accountability, he said.


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