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Heart Health & Weight Loss

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Appearing in the second hour, researcher Christian Wilde discussed how stress is one of the main contributors to heart attacks. The body is not designed to handle chronic stress, and it can lead to an increase of blood pressure and arterial spasms, he noted. Getting enough sleep and exercise helps to reduce stress, and supplements such as turmeric, have healthful anti-inflammatory properties, he said.

A cardiac patient named Ron joined the show to talk about his success with experimental stem cell treatments. Wilde has a posted a list of clinical trials being conducted in the U.S. for heart patients.

In the latter half of the show, Jon Gabriel, a graduate of the Wharton School, shared how he discovered a mind-body connection that helped him lose over 220 pounds. For over a decade he'd tried various diets in which he would initially lose weight, and then gain it back, in cycles of denial and binging. Eventually, he realized that his "body wants to be fat," and he set out to learn how he could make his body want to be thin.

Through studying obesity, he discovered a connection between eating and stress-- heavy stress changes the body's chemistry, and causes cravings for sweet or fatty foods. This raises insulin levels and the ability to burn fat. A big component of Gabriel's eventual weight loss was his use of visualization techniques-- seeing himself as a thinner person. Additionally, he said by changing the type of foods he ate, he was able to increase his nutrition levels, and cravings dropped away.


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