Magic Moments

Magic Moments


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsRochelle Sparrow

During Open Lines, George offered a 'magic moment' hotline. Casey in Lone Rock, Wisconsin recalled the day he released a set of balloons into the sky and asked his recently deceased father to send a sign when he received them. According to Casey, he walked back into his house and found his coffee cup ringing like a bell. Ellen in Pittsburgh remembered sensing the exact moment when her friend's horse Angel had died. A caller named Dinah said she and her husband awoke one night to find themselves frozen in place and being studied by a "white transparent thing with huge eyes" at the foot of their bed.

Thomas in Austin, Texas recounted the time he saw an unusually tall being in his bedroom who told him, "I am Satan and I hate you and I'm going to destroy you." Thomas added that he also caught a glimpse of something that looked like Cousin Itt from the Addams Family television series. Josh in Plainville, Massachusetts told George about his encounter with a mysterious little person in a red shirt, who stood about a foot and half tall and vanished before his eyes. Mary in Missouri said she and her family witnessed an ominous sky made dark by thousands of geese flying low and fast to the south. Mary wondered why multitudes of geese were migrating so late into the winter season.

In the last half hour, George played audio from his February 28th, 2009 appearance at the River Rock Casino Show Theatre in Vancouver, British Columbia, featuring Catherine Austin Fitts and Whitley Strieber.

Trance Channeling

In the first hour, Rochelle Sparrow discussed her work as a psychic trance-channel. Sparrow said this involves going into a deep meditative state where she connects with entities on the other side. The information the guides provide is usually quite detailed, helps people to heal, and is future oriented, Sparrow explained.

She provided an on-air demonstration of her channeling abilities, which revealed the United States would be involved in a combative situation with Afghanistan and Iran but strategic changes would bring success. Sparrow also mentioned her involvement in a psychic experiment, during which time she saw a shadow person.

News Segments

Appearing briefly in the first half hour, Richard C. Hoagland spoke about NASA's Kepler Mission, Jerome Corsi commented on escalating tensions with North Korea and Iran, and Giorgio Tsoukalos announced that he'll be appearing in 2-hour documentary called Ancient Aliens, airing Sunday, March 8th, 2009 on the History Channel.



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