Africanized Bees, Animal Mutilations, & UFOs

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Africanized Bees, Animal Mutilations, & UFOs

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe discussed a recent Colorado cow mutilation, the increasing problem with Africanized bees in the U.S., and the mysterious crash of an object in Needles, CA. She interviewed Colorado rancher Mike Duran who described finding his 28-year old cow dead, with her udder excised. The cow was discovered in a muddy area, yet there were no tracks or signs of struggle on the ground, he said. For more, click here.

In her report on the spread of Africanized bees in the southern half of the United States, she noted that the first human and horse deaths had been reported after violent Africanized bee attacks. Recent attack victims include several people in La Mesa, CA who were swarmed by Africanized bees, and a Las Vegas man who was stung some 2,000 times after he overturned a rock that exposed a 50 lb. hive.

If ever attacked, she learned that covering your face is a good strategy, as the insects are drawn to C02 excreted through the nostrils and mouth. Linda spoke with Florida's Apiary Inspection Assistant Chief, Jerry Hayes, who said that European honeybee queens are being imported from northern locations to help balance the Africanized populations.

In Linda's last report, she interviewed 'Shark,' a California security guard who watched a V-shaped panel come down with other glowing debris toward Needles, California, on May 14, 2008-- the same night that 'Riverboat Bob' reported seeing a fiery crash south of Needles. Four months later in August 2008, Shark told Linda of his telepathic encounter and close encounter with unidentified aerial objects. He described seeing a large rectangular craft with a glowing orange light that silently emerged from a cloud bank. More here.

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First hour guest, radio host Andre Eggelletion commented on the latest plans to revive the economy. The Federal Reserve is largely responsible for the economic downturn, he said, adding that a move to nationalize the Reserve could help the problem. Greater transparency in banking would also serve to restore confidence, he added.


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To accompany Linda Moulton Howe's report on a mysterious object that fell near Needles, California last October, we present this illustration made by the witness known as 'Shark,' who described seeing a "black panel blocking out a long trail of teal, orange, red, yellow and white sparks." Graphic © 2009 by Shark for

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