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Angels & Unicorns

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In the first half of the program, George was joined by author Diana Cooper for a discussion on angels and unicorns. Cooper explained that she had no religious background before an angel came to her during a very low period in her life 25 years ago. According to Cooper, that angel took her on a mind-opening journey and told her that she was destined to be a teacher.

Cooper described angels as beings from the 7th dimension (heaven) who are "with us at all times to help and guide us." Everyone has a guardian angel assigned for life, she continued, noting that we can ask them to aid us with seemingly insignificant things, like finding a parking space. Cooper pointed out that angels can sometimes be seen as orbs when photographed.

Also inhabiting the 7th dimensional angelic realm, at a higher frequency than that we can normally see or hear, are unicorns. Cooper believes the magical creatures, who she said once dwelled in Atlantis during its golden age, are now returning to Earth to provide enlightenment for humanity. Cooper revealed that a unicorn's horn is actually a spiral of light coming from their third eye. Unlike angels, who grant wishes of the heart, unicorns work with desires of the soul, she added.

During Open Lines, callers continued the conversation on unicorns and angelic/spiritual encounters, as well as spoke about conspiracy theories and the government bailouts. The final half hour featured George's 2/8/08 interview with actress Cassandra Peterson, best known for her role as late-night horror hostess Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.

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Appearing briefly at the start of the show, Dave Smead talked about this weekend's Second Annual Veterans "Welcome Home Reunion" in Crossville, TN. More info at

Then, researcher Lloyd Pye announced that the famous Starchild skull will be featured on The History Channel's UFO Hunters: The Greys Conspiracy on Wednesday, April 1st.


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