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Energy Healing

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Appearing for 90 minutes in the middle of the show, health & wellness expert Deborah King discussed energy healing and the relationship between the suppression of truth and its later manifestation as pain or illness. 25 years ago, she had cancer, and after working with a hands on healer, she went into remission. This experience changed the course of her life, and she left her job as a corporate attorney to devote herself to the alternative medical field.

She works with the energy field that surrounds the body-- there are seven major centers (chakras) that run and up and down the spine, and when energy is blocked that's when we get sick, she said. If you don't process your feelings, they get stored in your body and fester, sometimes leading to a full blown disease process, she stated. "It's the lies we tell ourselves that do the most damage," she added.

There is therapeutic value in reconnecting with nature, and people should make an effort to spend at least five minutes a day in a natural setting, as well as getting around 20 minutes of sunshine every day, she said. King also recommended journaling, honestly writing down the feelings that are on your mind.

The last 90 minutes of the show featured Open Lines, with some callers sharing their "miracle" stories.

Power Grid Vulnerability

First hour guest, consultant Charles R. Smith spoke about reports that the US power grid is vulnerable to infiltration and cyber attacks. The United States has been unwilling to apply the appropriate encryption technology to keep their systems secure, he commented.


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We received a Truth Heals Chart from Deborah King, which explores the relationship between physical problems and the human energy centers or chakras. Click on image to view.

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