Secret Door VIII

Secret Door VIII


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsGerald Celente, R. Gary Patterson, Fiona Horne, Dr. Roger Leir

Three surprise guests made their way through the "Secret Door" to talk with George Noory.

First to come through was author R. Gary Patterson who touched on a number of mysteries in the rock 'n' roll world, such as the inordinately high number of musicians who all died at the age of 27. One such musician was Kurt Cobain, and a number of unanswered questions still surround his death, he noted, such as why no fingerprints were found on the shotgun he used to kill himself. Patterson also talked about the 1977 plane crash deaths of Ronnie Van Zant and other members of Lynyrd Skynyrd. One of the back-up singers had a premonition dream about the crash and asked the band to take a commercial flight, but they didn't heed her advice.

Practicing witch Fiona Horne made an appearance next, talking about how Wicca has become more accepted in recent years. Sometimes the most profound spell can just be your intent to change your perception, she declared. To bring in positive change, she suggested repeating this affirmation: "I reverse bad luck and walk in grace." One could also sprinkle a little salt under their bed to absorb negative energy, she added.

Arriving through the secret door with a hilariously unrecognizable falsetto was the last guest of the evening, Dr. Roger Leir, who shared an update on his work with alien implants. Instead of tracking devices, these implants may have something to do with genetic manipulation, he hinted. He further noted that the implants may incorporate nanotechnology, and some seem to have biological tissue growing out of metal. An audio clip from his implant removal surgery, featured on the 12/5/03 show, was played at the end of the interview.

Economy Update

First hour guest, trends analyst Gerald Celente offered commentary on the economy. He foresees unemployment rates rising as high as 25%, levels that will rival the Great Depression. He was critical of the plan to let banks set the value of their own toxic assets.



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