UFO/ET Disclosure Issues

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UFO/ET Disclosure Issues

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Broadcasting live from WMAL in Washington DC, George Noory was joined by three special guests for a discussion on UFO/ET disclosure and other related topics.

In the first hour, Joe Montaldo, co-founder and director for the International Community for Alien Research (I.C.A.R.), spoke about disclosure issues, abductees, and the alien agenda. Montaldo said his organization has compiled 12,500 "certified" abduction cases. From those cases, Montaldo has come to believe that the alien races doing the abductions have "agendas with sub agendas with more sub agendas," involving breeding programs, testing of psi abilities, and emotional/physical stress. Montaldo also shared his theory about the Roswell incident, suggesting that the Grays were aboard the craft but humans were flying it at the time of the crash.

Alfred Webre provided his exopolitical perspective on ET issues during the second hour. He recalled his attempt at starting a civilian scientific study of the subject at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in 1977. According to Webre, the Department of Defense told SRI they would terminate their grant money if they went through with the research. Webre believes the study would have uncovered "secret human-extraterrestrial liaison programs." Webre also discussed the Vatican's policy on extraterrestrial life, evidence for an intelligent civilization living beneath the surface of Mars, and the need for a Department of Extraterrestrial Affairs at the UN.

In the third hour, UFO researcher and author Richard Dolan said he expects government disclosure on the UFO issue eventually, but thinks it will likely take a while and wondered from whom such an announcement would come when it happens. Dolan also talked about the 1952 and 2002 Washington DC UFO incidents, the 1957 case of Milton Torres, the pilot who was ordered to shoot down a massive UFO over Eastern England, as well as triangular craft and anti-gravity technology.

The final hour was a replay of Open Lines from 3/17/06, featuring callers' good and bad luck tales.


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