The Future of Science

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The Future of Science

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Theoretical physicist and Coast to Coast favorite Michio Kaku discussed how the dreams of science-fiction may become a reality in the not-too-distant future. Inspired by the dismissive nature of other scientists to such far-reaching ideas, Kaku studied the possibilities for such fictional advancements. To his surprise, he found what many believe to be impossible may, in fact, be simply a matter of time. Kaku marveled that "eighty percent of science fiction is actually do-able perhaps within a few decades to a hundred years."

"On a microscopic scale, it's been done," he said, regarding the sci fi staple of teleportation. Kaku detailed how scientists in Austria have teleported photons over incremental distances. He speculated that teleporting more complex structures like whole molecules could become possible within this decade. According to Kaku, another breakthrough that is closer to reality than some might think is telepathy. "We can actually begin to read the rudiments of thought now. This is not science fiction, we've done it in the laboratory," he declared.

Kaku also warned of one potential future scenario that was more dire: "a solar tsunami from outer space that could wipe out all communications on planet Earth." He explained that the sun undergoes a pole shift every 11 years, "creating a shock wave," and that the next such event is, chillingly, due on 2012. Painting a frightening scenario, Kaku said that if Earth was hit by a massive solar burst, the result could be catastrophic with estimates of property damage reaching up to one trillion dollars.

UFO Intercept

During the first hour, former US air force fighter pilot Milton Torres shared his story of being ordered to intercept a UFO while he was stationed in England. In recounting the tale from 1957, he said that as his jet got within firing distance of the craft, it sped off at what he speculated was Mach 10 speed or 7,000 miles per hour. Upon returning to the ground, he was told "if I opened my mouth, I'd lose my flying status."

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