Franken-foods, Dreams, & Demons

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Franken-foods, Dreams, & Demons

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Appearing during the first half of the program, noted food expert Jeffrey M. Smith discussed how genetically engineered "Franken-foods" have become ubiquitous on everyone's dinner table. He listed a litany of health issues that appear to be related to such foods and warned that most people are dangerously unaware of how widespread genetically influenced ingredients have become. In particular, he called genetically modified soy and corn derivatives "omnipresent" due to their use in processed food.

When it comes to ending the influx of genetically modified foods, he said that the power is in the hands of the average shopper. Consumer backlash against genetically engineered tomatoes and potatoes has effectively "knocked them out" of supermarkets according to Smith. He praised the European consumers response to the issue, which was so overwhelming that "within ten weeks, all of the major food companies committed to stop using GM ingredients in Europe." Here in America, Smith believes that if merely 5% of shoppers deliberately stopped buying any foods with genetically modified ingredients then the large companies would cease using them for fear of losing more business.

In the latter half of the show, paranormal expert Rosemary Ellen Guiley talked about the different forms dreams may take, the nature of demons, and other paranormal topics. A unique aspect of dreams which she observed is that many people receive prophetic dreams about people with whom they are not particularly close, much to their confusion. Her reasoning for this seemingly random event is that "the psychic energy that carries this information is a lot like electricity and it finds the path of least resistance" even if it that path is merely a casual acquaintance.

On the subject of demons, Guiley focused on one particularly troublesome form of entity, that she called "drive by demons." Based on her experience, these sinister spirits "look around a lot to see if they have any opportunities to pester people or make trouble." She said that such encounters can be either fleeting or "if they have a bigger opportunity, they may latch on for a longer ride." Her advice for people trying to fend off demons was have "a daily practice of prayer and meditation following whatever spiritual tradition resonates with you deep in your heart."


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