Michael Jackson: Drugs, Death, UFOs & Final Message

Hosted byIan Punnett

Michael Jackson: Drugs, Death, UFOs & Final Message

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Ian Punnett welcomed several guests, including Dr. Ann Blake Tracy, author Howard Bloom, and Michael Luckman for a discussion on Michael Jackson, his tragic death, drug use, and link to UFOs. In the last half of the show, medium Christian von Lähr channeled the King of Pop, who delivered his final message from beyond and answered callers' questions. Dr. Ann Blake Tracy suggested "Seratonin Syndrome" as her first suspicion when she heard of Jackson's death. According to her, this ailment happens when a person's Seratonin levels reach a critical height and then their organs shut down. Tracy pointed to Jackson's habit of taking multiple drugs at once and said "with all the health problems that Michael had, it's even worse."

Howard Bloom reflected on his 1983 meeting with Michael Jackson and his brothers, right at the height of the Thriller frenzy. "There were many dark forces, at that point, gathering around them," Bloom recalled. He noted that, even back then, there were a number of people looming in the background, who hoped to take advantage of the burgeoning Jackon empire. Bloom expressed disappointment that no one in the media was talking about the long term psychological effects which befell Jackson as a result of the "toxin of incredibly corrosive, vicious, monstrous headlines and those headlines have been going on for 25 years."

Following that, Michael Luckman, director of the New York Center for Extraterrestrial Research, recalled his meeting with Jackson and their discussion about his interest in UFOs. "If there was one thing that Michael Jackson hadn't done in his entire life, and that he wanted to do very much, it was to make contact with extraterrestrials," Luckman remembered being told by the late pop singer. He also shared the UFO sighting that Jackson relayed to him. According to Luckman, Jackson was on a flight over Alaska and saw "amazing crystalline-like objects floating in the sky that were gorgeous in colors and multicolored."

In the latter half of the program, medium Christian von Lähr channeled the King of Pop and relayed Jackson's messages from beyond the grave. According to von Lähr, 'speaking' with Jackson was a unique case for him, since he usually deals with those who had passed away for a while and are more familiar with how to communicate via a medium. Additionally, since Jackson was a massive celebrity, von Lähr said, his afterlife messages are a true glimpse at the "real" King of Pop as opposed to the carefully crafted image he presented in the living world.

During the channeling process, Jackson expressed remorse for his habitual plastic surgery, saying through von Lähr, "I tried to look good so my father would not think I was so ugly ... instead, I became what I feared." Regarding his drug use, he relayed the message that "I didn't want all the drugs ... I wanted to be free from the cage where I couldn't be me." Ultimately, Jackson expressed both surprise and sadness at being greeted by so many fans, after passing over, and the outpouring of emotion, in the living world, to his passing. The late King of Pop mused"I want to thank my many fans, both here and there. I didn't know there were so many."

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