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Filling in for George, Art Bell talked to Dr. Dean Radin, Senior Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, about advancements in psi research and mass consciousness studies. He said the implications of this phenomena are frightening. A number of groups at prominent universities are currently engaged in psi research, and there are likely programs in Russia and China, Radin added, declining to share further details about what he knew about them.

Radin discussed Princeton University's Global Consciousness Project, which looked at how random number generators called EGGs (Electro-GaiaGram) were affected by major world events. According to a paper published last year by Peter Bancel and Roger Nelson, there is a correlation between how the EGGs responded, for example, to a natural disaster or terrorist attack, suggesting that mass consciousness and the event are somehow linked. The primary effect occurred over land masses and distance seemed to matter, Radin pointed out, as there were larger correlations with EEGs close to the events than the ones that were distant.

Radin shared results from a study he performed that looked at the relationship between moon cycles and the psi abilities of individuals playing casino games. He noted that people won slightly more during a full moon. He informed Art about a portable Random Event Generator created by a student from Princeton. He said it was based on the same patented device employed by the Global Consciousness Project and could be used by Coast listeners for their own field consciousness experiments.

Radin also covered Lynne McTaggart's Intention Experiment, how ESP might be related to quantum entanglement, mind-activated technologies, and his recently published article on UFOs, as well as the "love study," in which he looked at whether a person's beneficial thoughts/emotions could cause a physiological change in the body of a loved one recovering from cancer.

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