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Psychic Special

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George Noory hosted a four-hour special featuring psychics, mediums, and intuitives, including Allyson Walsh & Adele Nichols, Nan O'Brien, Linda Salvin, and Mona Lisa Shultz. Kicking off the show, identical psychic twins Allyson & Adele said they knew of their special abilities from an early age. Allyson is able to communicate with deceased spirits, going back as many as four generations, while Adele employs a kind of remote viewing to see a mental picture of a person's environment. The sisters said they sometimes received telephone calls from the dead, but after too many calls at 4am in the morning, they asked them to stop calling. Allyson & Adele shared a few predictions, including that Amanda Knox would be found innocent in the Italian murder trial, and a meteor will come close to Earth or hit in the ocean sometime this year.

In the second hour, intuitive Nan O'Brien spoke about her work with law enforcement, as well as her channeling efforts. She often initially works with families, who might, for instance, have a missing family member, and then takes the information that comes to her to law enforcement. She described one criminal case where she was able to see experiences from the perpetrator's eye. O'Brien said she channeled an angelic entity named John, who dictated an entire book to her in a little over 18 hours. She also writes a daily syndicated column, Intuitively Yours, in which she offers advice to letter writers.

After a series of devastating accidents, including surviving an airliner crash, Linda Salvin began to open to her psychic and healing abilities, and subsequently became a popular radio psychic. She now works with clients over the phone using color, words and breathing for healing, and is also an advocate for the use of Spiritual Candles to effect change in one's life. She suggested that people set aside a day to just let the universe guide their path.

In the last hour, medical intuitive Dr. Mona Lisa Shultz talked about how out-of-balance emotions & stress can translate into illnesses in the body. We often ignore signals from our body until we have a major health problem that forces us to take stock of our situation, she explained. Dr. Schultz works with clients over the phone and is able to connect their physical symptoms with emotional issues. She demonstrated this ability with a number of people who called into the show.

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