Linda Salvin

Linda Salvin


17 year radio host veteran and metaphysician, Dr. Linda Salvin was not born with psychic gifts. A series of devastating accidents transformed her life. With each of these experiences, her spiritual connection to the Universe and her psychic gifts began to grow. Spiritual awakenings resulting from a plane crash, fire truck and another near-death experience with the white light caused her to seek out ways to integrate her education and experiences to assist others on a new holistic and metaphysical path.


Past Shows:

  • Remote Viewing / NDEs & the Other Side

    Remote viewing researcher Stephan Schwartz discussed the latest science on predicting the future, and his theory of social change. Followed by psychic Dr. Linda Salvin on her work with near-death experiences and family curses.More »
  • Natural Health/ NDEs & Spirit Communications

    Dr. Joel Wallach addressed alternative health, and the use of supplements. Followed by psychic Linda Salvin on near-death experiences and spirit contacts.More »
  • Psychic Communications/ Reconnection & Healing

    In the first half, psychic Linda Salvin joined George Noory to discuss her mediumistic and healing abilities, and various spiritual techniques and communications. In the latter half, Dr. Eric Pearl addressed how people can reconnect their lives, and experience healing by...More »
  • Health News/ Psychic Experiences

    In the first half of the program, registered pharmacist and nutritionist Ben Fuchs offered analysis on the latest developments in health news, supplementation, and treatments. In the latter half, psychic Linda Salvin detailed her work communicating with the Other Side, the...More »
  • Curses, Mercury Retrograde & Ouija

    George Noory welcomed radio host and psychic, Dr. Linda Salvin, for a discussion on curses, the current Mercury retrograde cycle, and Ouija board experiences. Open Lines followed in the final hour.More »
  • Psychic Experiences / Anunnaki Architecture

    During the first half of the show, psychic Linda Salvin, with a PhD in metaphysics and a lifetime of bizarre experiences, detailed her development of psychic gifts, and her work as a healer, reader, and channeler. 3rd hour guest, mechanical engineer Marshall Klarfeld...More »
  • Psychic Special

    George Noory hosted a four-hour special featuring psychics, mediums, and intuitives, including Allyson Walsh & Adele Nichols, Nan O'Brien, Linda Salvin, and Mona Lisa Shultz. Kicking off the show, identical psychic twins Allyson & Adele said they knew of their special...More »

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