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Alien Abduction & Covert Ops

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Researcher/experiencer Melinda Leslie discussed her recent work on abductees who claim to have been interrogated, and sometimes re-abducted by covert/military operatives, after their initial alien encounter. The phenomenon, often referred to as MILABS (military mind control and abduction), can occur in several stages. Starting off on a low level with hearing noises like someone is listening in on phone calls, it can graduate to being watched and followed, confronted and told not to speak out, and harassed by low-flying black helicopters, she detailed. Some abductees encounter a "minders scenario" in which an operative wins their trust with insider information about their alien interactions, but then can become controlling and manipulative, she said.

ET experiencers report being abducted by military/covert ops and questioned about a number of issues, including the alien agenda and their technology, said Leslie. She believes these covert groups are part of a "cabal" or shadow government that is trying to learn more about alien technology, and possibly reverse-engineer aspects of it. In a sense they are reverse engineering the alien abduction experience, she commented, as they also conduct medical and psi-tests on the abductees. The operatives may give post-hypnotic suggestions to abductees to retain details from their alien encounters, which they retrieve after their next alien abduction. Yet, Leslie noted that information given to abductees by ETs, such as about Earth catastrophes, isn't always reliable.

Author Whitley Strieber joined in the conversation during the third hour, talking about aspects of his alien abduction experience that relate to MILABS. While in his San Antonio home, he heard a threatening voice piped into his head, and later found two men on his porch who may have been transmitting the signal. Leslie suggested that the disturbing alien abduction phenomenon is one of the main reasons why government disclosure on UFOs hasn't happened.

Douglas Hagmann Update

First hour guest, Douglas Hagmann of the Northeast Intelligence Network spoke about America's continuing military involvement in Afghanistan as conforming to a "globalist agenda." He also touched on the implementation of the new "Secure Flight" program which may require airline passengers to provide their birth date and gender. Though said to be used to combat terrorism, Hagmann suggested the federal government was getting into the business of "data mining."


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Drawings show abductee Melinda Leslie's medical procedure in a Hazmat-type tented environment, 1993. More images here.

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