Melinda Leslie

Melinda Leslie


Melinda Leslie has been a professional psychic, medium, and teacher of psychic development and paranormal abilities for 45 years. She assists her reading clients in transforming their lives with evidence, help and information from their spirit guides and loved ones who have crossed over. Melinda has also been an investigator of paranormal phenomena for over 45 years, is an expert in EVP, (Electronic Voice Phenomena) and utilized her mediumship skills as a lead investigator with a professional team for 15 years. 

She is an investigator in the field of ufology with 35 years of experience. For 13 years she has been the Owner of UFO Sighting Tours in Sedona, Arizona, where she conducted 1,760 tours with the use of military night vision goggles. She is the only UFO sighting tour with a money-back guarantee. Melinda is a UFO abductee and has been public with her own extraterrestrial and covert-ops human (MILABs) abduction experiences for 33 years. She is considered by many to be the authority on military and intelligence agency involvement in UFO abduction cases. Both her research and personal experiences have been featured in over 30 books by prominent authors in these fields. 


Past Shows:

  • Sedona UFOs

    UFO tour guide and investigator Melinda Leslie discussed UFO sightings and high strangeness in Sedona, Arizona, and her analysis of what is happening.More »
  • Pyramids & Prophecy

    Host Jimmy Church (email) was a witness to the multiple UFO sightings at Contact in the Desert 2016 in Joshua Tree, California, along with hundreds of others. In the first hour, he spoke with Melinda Leslie, who hosted the night-vision event, and shared what everyone saw on the...More »
  • Coronado Alien Abduction

    In this four-hour special, George Knapp welcomed UFO researcher Yvonne Smith for a discussion about a mass abduction that took place on Coronado Island in San Diego. In the latter half, alien abduction researcher Melinda Leslie, and abductee Jesse Long (related video) joined the...More »
  • Neanderthals / Alien & Military Abductions

    In the first half, 'forbidden archeologist' Michael Cremo talked about new research which indicates that Neanderthals were as smart as humans. In the latter half, expert in the alien abduction phenomena and abductee, Melinda Leslie, discussed her latest work with seeing...More »
  • ET Abductions & Covert Ops

    Expert in alien abduction experiences, Melinda Leslie discussed cases of people who were interrogated, followed, and even re-abducted by covert operatives following their alien abduction. She was joined by Niara Isleyfor a segment. Last hour guest, paranormal investigator...More »
  • Alien Abduction & Covert Ops

    Researcher/experiencer Melinda Leslie discussed her recent work on abductees who claim to have been interrogated, and sometimes re-abducted by covert/military operatives, after their alien encounters. The phenomenon, often referred to as MILABS (military mind control and...More »
  • Military & Alien Abductions

    Melinda Leslie and Joe Montaldo discussed alien abductions and subsequent military encounters. Many alien abductees say they've been interrogated, followed, and even abducted by covert or military operatives after their ET encounters. These military abductions (MILABS) have been...More »