Swine Flu, Europa, & UFOs

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Swine Flu, Europa, & UFOs

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Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe presented material on four subjects: H1N1 (Swine Flu), solar activity, UFO/alien encounters in England, and research into Europa's oceans. She interviewed NASA Heliospheric Team Leader David Hathaway about the sun's continued quiescent cycle. He said he can't find another solar minimum in the past that has acted like the current one, and doesn't believe there'll be a solar maximum in 2012 as some have predicted-- rather the cycle will have a small peak in 2013. More here.

In her update on Swine Flu, she noted the seriousness of the pandemic, and how younger people could be particularly at risk for the illness. She spoke with Dr. Paul Glezen of Baylor College of Medicine, who said people born in the 1980s and 1990s or 2000s "are not likely to have any pre-existing antibodies and are therefore very susceptible to this new H1N1 virus." He also warned of a new variation of the virus, H3NZ, which was discovered in the Southern Hemisphere and could spread north this winter. View the full Earthfiles report.

In her third segment, Linda discussed recent video footage from England that may show an aerial craft lifting a large animal. The video was shot by a retired auto mechanic named Derek Bridges (see related article below). She also interviewed a neighbor of Bridges, Kris Reed, who described a 2007 encounter with a strange aerial craft and an alien "grey" being who stuck its lizard-like tongue out at him.

She pondered whether there could be life on Jupiter's moon, Europa, in her last report, presenting an interview with Prof. Richard Greenberg of the University of Arizona. Europa, which has an ocean that is around 100 miles deep (and thought to contain twice as much water as Earth's oceans) could be a good candidate for multi-cellular life in its waters, as oxygen is known to be on the ocean's surface, said Greenberg. More here.

Demons & 'Mystery Place'

First hour guest, author Rosemary Ellen Guiley talked about her research into demons, which she characterized as a broad class of interfering entities. She also gave an update on her investigations into a "Mystery Place," an undisclosed location that can be compared to the Skinwalker Ranch in Utah for its panoply of paranormal activity. Strange aerial lights, poltergeists, imp-like creatures, dark gray "blobby forms," and apparitions have all been seen or experienced on or near the property, she detailed.


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Linda Moulton Howe sent us one of the frames from a video that shows a large dangling object (possibly a cow or water buffalo) below a bright red and white aerial light. Shot on 9/28/09, the video camera was aimed out of a bedroom window toward a farm field about a mile away in Overton, Hampshire, England. The farm raises 1,500 water buffalo imported from Romania in addition to cattle and other animals. The videotaper is retired auto mechanic, Derek Bridges, 69. More info.

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