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Halloween Eve Open Lines

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George hosted a special night of Halloween Eve Open Lines. A woman in Texas told George about the time she encountered the Devil. The caller said a man named Phil, whom she had just met at a night club, showed up at her apartment complex and helped her bring some laundry back into her home. Once in her apartment, the caller recalled the man's appearance changing into that of the classic Devil image, including two horns on his head. Fortunately for the caller, the Devil did leave the premises at her request.

Frank from Nashville, Tennessee, remembered when his three-year-old daughter complained to him about a monster in her bedroom. Frank said he made her a 'no monster' spray from an aerosol can of Lysol and instructed his daughter to use it against the monster. According to Frank, he found his daughter asleep in the hallway the next morning (the spray having failed to work on this monster). About a year later, his daughter still sleeping in the hallway, Frank finally saw what had been terrorizing her -- a demonic, gargoyle-like creature with glowing red eyes.

Robert in Modesto, California, reported on what he believes was a demon-possessed spell book. Robert said he tried to burn the book, but it would not catch fire. He and three friends prayed over the book, when it finally caught fire and started screaming. According to Robert, a face even came out of the burning spell book. Several surprise guests, including Dr. Bruce Goldberg, Catherine Austin Fitts, Dannion Brinkley, Dr. Roger Leir, Christian Wilde, Richard C. Hoagland also popped in throughout the evening to share their own Halloween stories. In addition, George played Lionel Fanthorpe's version of Edgar Allen Poe's "The Raven" at the end of the program.

Monster Mash

In the first half hour, George welcomed Gary S. Paxton, producer of the 1962 #1 hit "Monster Mash." Paxton talked about the origin of the song and the challenges of creating the laboratory sound effects used in it, as well as revealed a little known secret about some lyrics in the novelty tune. He also told George about the time he was beaten, shot four times at point blank range, and left for dead. Paxton currently resides in Branson, Missouri, where he's working to make it the recording capital of the United States.

Ghost Buster Gals

Next, intuitive counselor Ronnie Rennae Foster and Wiccan practitioner Laura Lee Mistycah (book link) talked about their ghostbusting efforts. Foster identified ghosts as "trapped souls between the worlds," who are confused and do not realize they are dead. Because of their lower vibrational energies, she explained, they either ignore or cannot see the portal to the Other Side. Everything that goes bump in the night isn't necessarily a ghost," Mistycah added, citing a case where extraterrestrial entities had possessed a house. The two also talked about how they use the magical 'Stone of Truth & Justice' for their ghostbusting work, as well as shared details from their Amargosa Opera House And Hotel investigation.

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