Inside the Bermuda Triangle

Inside the Bermuda Triangle


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsBruce Gernon, David Pares, Coach Bob

George Noory was joined by professor David Pares, who has been researching Electronic Fog and Linear Displacement of aircraft, also known as Local Space Warps, as well as Bermuda Triangle researcher Bruce Gernon, who experienced just such an event inside the Triangle. "He is the first one to try this," Pares said of Gernon's space warp, "not on purpose, only to try and save his life."

Gernon shared his tale of flying through a space warp inside the infamous esoteric zone. According to him, his plane got caught in a storm that wrapped around the craft. This unique weather effect was symmetrical in shape and when he tried to fly beneath it, the storm was resting on the surface of the ocean. After trying to fly around of it, he realized that "this storm was all connected and I was trapped inside the center of it." Eventually, he flew into a tunnel which had developed in the storm. When he emerged from the tunnel, he felt a "strange sensation" of weightlessness and "hydroplaning forward" into a "gray electronic fog." Soon thereafter, the fog dissipated and Gernon had traveled 100 miles in a little over three minutes.

Based on his research, Pares theorized on what happened during Gernon's flight. He put forth the idea that when Gernon flew into the tunnel, it harnessed the massive amount of power contained in the thunderstorms that surrounded the plane. As a result of this tremendous energy, Pares suggested, "the fabric of space in front of his craft is compressed and, in the back, it's expanding," pushing the plane over a great distance in a small amount of time. He clarified that Gernon did not experience time travel, because, when he touched down, the clocks in the plane matched those at the runway. Should this effect be able to be harnessed, Pares said, it could revolutionize travel and "we're going to become a space faring world."

Coping with Fear

During the first hour, Coach Bob shared methods of coping with all the fear that surrounds us. He explained that fear originates from uncertainty as well as an underlying genetic component which exists in all humans. He stressed that the only way to overcome this fear is to acknowledge it and stay positive. "You have to change the story in your head so that the energy running through your head is peaceful," he said. Coach Bob invited C2C listeners to visit his website for both a free download of his book and, for those who get the book, free entry into his ten week training course which starts in January.



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