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Executive Director of the world renowned Monroe Institute, Paul Rademacher discussed the Institute’s exploration of human consciousness, and various mystical experiences including OBEs, traveling to other dimensions, and interacting with those who have passed away. He described the specialization of the Institute as creating an environment where guests can "convert their beliefs into knowns." Ultimately, he said, the mission of the organization is to have people consider that "they are more than their physical bodies" and described amazing results that visitors have experienced during their stay.

Rademacher detailed the unique experience that guests at the Institute have when they visit. The rooms, he said, are really just a "bed in a box." Upon entering the room, the guest covers the entrance with a heavy black curtain that seals out ambient noise and light. From there, they are instructed via headphones through exercises imparted verbally and with a series of sounds called "hemisync." According to him, this system allows the visitor to "begin to move into various states of consciousness that are non-ordinary." Over the course of several days, they are guided through various "focus levels" which can ultimately lead to an experience of the "bridge state between physical reality and non-physical awareness."

He also shared his own experience as a visitor to the Monroe Institute. He recalled being in an altered state where he saw a circle comprised of "beings of light." Upon looking into the circle, he realized his deceased father was in the center and had yet to "cross over." Rademacher assured his father that his family would be coming soon to greet him. "I don't even know how I knew this stuff, but it was very instinctive," he remembered. Soon thereafter, the beings of light returned and told him that they would take care of his father and the experience ended. Rademacher mused, "it was just so compelling to me and so moving, that the only way I could respond to it was a flood of tears."

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In the fourth hour, editor and publisher of International Forecaster, Robert Chapman, talked about the latest developments in the economy as well as what may be coming in the future. Despite signs in the mainstream media that the economy is improving, Chapman had a darker vision of things to come. "The number of banks that we are being told, by the FDIC, that are in imminent danger are 552," he said, "my information is it's over 2,000." He speculated that in the next 18 months, the FDIC will "no longer exist." He put forth the idea that the financial crisis was caused not just by greed, but also the desire to weaken the United States and Europe to facilitate and implement a world government.


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