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Ian Punnett hosted Coast to Coast AM's annual prediction show, which featured a variety of prognosticators on what they see looming for the new year, 2010. In order of appearance, here are some highlights:

Psychic medium Christian von Lahr:

  • Pop superstar Mariah Carey will leave her husband, Nick Cannon, because he is unable to father children.
  • "Something grave will happen" to one of President Obama's daughters that has to do with letters "P," "I," "N," and "K" -- letters found in the word KIDNAP, he noted.
  • In August, a volcanic eruption in the Aleutian Trench will trigger other volcanoes to erupt in Ring of Fire region of the Pacific Ocean.
  • New York may be split into two states.

Paul Guercio of the Merlin Project:

  • Crisis in the Obama presidency between winter and the November mid-term elections. Sudden changes could lead to a reshuffling of the primary administration players (Obama, Biden, Clinton).
  • Very good chance of another major domestic al Qaeda attack.
  • Unexpected career changes for conservative talk show host Sean Hannity.

Numerologist Glynis McCants:

  • Drama of some sort will surround President Obama's daughters.
  • Obama is entering a personal year cycle of 6, which means "he is coming into his power." This is the year that will define his presidency.
  • The economy is going to get worse. Families will become closer.

Psychic Tana Hoy:

  • Two major natural disasters in Indonesia: one will be an earthquake and the other will be "caused by high waves or water," like a tidal wave.
  • Orchestrated terrorist attack on the United States, taking place in four different cities, that will kill more than a 100 people. One of the cities will be New York.
  • An Eastern European country will claim official contact with aliens.
  • Losses in stock market will be made back in 2010.

Quake sensitive Cal Orey:

  • Aleutian Islands / Anchorage, Alaska overdue -- 70% chance of a 7.0 or stronger quake in either location.
  • An earthquake of at least 6.0 will hit Northern California in 2010.
  • Quakes will likely happen in Greece and Southern Italy.

Terry & Linda Jamison, the Psychic Twins:

  • There will be no tsunami activity this year.
  • No Katrina-level event, but Florida will be hit by a couple of hurricanes later in 2010.
  • Three assassination plots against President Obama will be thwarted.
  • Russia, China and Korea will launch successful cyber attacks on the United States.

Astrologist Mark Lerner:

  • America's economy will be impacted by Pluto's opposition to Venus (the money planet).
  • The windows of February 6th and 7th, and the month of November, will be the best times to work toward a new world economic system.

Psychic Jeffrey Wands:

  • Possible terrorist attack around March / April 2010 at the Mall of America in Bloomington, Minnesota. We will be able to stop it.
  • Major explosion in New York subway system, not terrorist related.
  • There'll be a breakthrough in liver cancer treatment, with possibly a vaccine.


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