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    Experts on the 1947 Roswell UFO crash, Tom Carey and Don Schmitt recounted various details of the incident and cover-up. Joining them for a segment was Arthur J. Osepchook, the last surviving member of the B-29 crew that flew the alleged alien bodies out of Roswell Army Air Field on July 9, 1947. Osepchook described how crates in the plane's cargo area were hidden from the flight crew, which was very unusual. Schmitt said the crates were heavily guarded as they were loaded onto the plane.

    A bombardier aboard the flight named Felix Martucci recognized amongst the officers waiting on the tarmac, a mortician named Glenn Dennis, whom he'd gone to school with, Schmitt reported. Dennis has long claimed that he'd been on the base, and spoken to a nurse who witnessed an alien autopsy.

    Carey speculated that an ET craft was hit by lightning in July 1947, "and whatever it was made out of exceeded its tensile strength and came apart," crashing in two different locations. An "inner cabin" was not breeched, and this wound up at the impact site closer to Roswell, along with the alien bodies, one of whom survived, he continued. Carey and Schmitt both believe the smoking gun in the case is the Ramey memo, seen in a photograph. Under computer analysis, it's been shown the memo refers to a disc and "victims of the wreck," rather than a weather balloon.

    Dietary Supplement Safety Act

    First half-hour guest, Dr. Robin Falkov commented on the proposed Dietary Supplement Safety Act (McCain Bill), warning that it would take away people's access to supplements such as vitamins, and give the FDA new powers of control and restriction. She recommended that people write to their Senators and voice their concerns.


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