Yellowstone, Animal Oddities, & Mummies

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Yellowstone, Animal Oddities, & Mummies


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    Investigative reporter Linda Moulton Howe shared reports on Yellowstone seismic activity, Honey bee deaths, the invasion of Lionfish and its effect on the marine eco-system, as well as Celtic looking mummies buried in China. Regarding the swarm of small earthquakes felt around Yellowstone in the last few weeks, Linda interviewed Jacob Lowenstern who is a vulcanologist in charge of monitoring the volcanic activity in and around the area. He said that, while this increase in seismic activity may sound worrisome, it is actually a good sign because they help to relieve the pressure that has been increasing beneath the caldera. More here.

    Providing an update on the ongoing crisis surrounding mysterious bee deaths, Linda played an interview with Jerry Hayes of the Florida Department of Agriculture. Hayes detailed how the California almond industry has been particularly hard hit by the decreasing bee population, as farmers are now paying nearly double the price when importing bees to pollinate their crops. Meanwhile, beekeepers faced with crippling losses are beginning to leave the profession. "If you are a small business person and you lose 30% of your business every year, that's not a good business model," Hayes mused. View the full Earthfiles report.

    On the other end of the spectrum, Linda reported on the epidemic of Lionfish invading the waters of Florida, Bermuda, and the Bahamas. The voracious fish eats anything it can swallow and lays an astonishing 30,000 eggs every 4 to 7 days. She shared an interview with Lad Atkin, special projects director of the Reef Environmental Education Foundation. Atkin noted that the Lionfish is no small concern for the island communities, since it is not just feasting on a few types of fish but a vast selection of "ecologically, economically and recreationally important marine species." More info.

    In her final report of the evening, Linda discussed Caucasian mummies found in China which will be exhibited at the Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, California later this year. She spoke with Victor Mair, a professor of Chinese Literature and Language, who stumbled upon the mummies inside of a museum in China and originally believed they were a hoax. What makes the mummies particularly mysterious is that they are fair skinned, fair haired, and, in some cases, are found adorned in plaids and tartans, leading to the misconception that they are Celtic. Mair explained that DNA testing has shown the ancestry of the mummies is from Europe on the male side and China on the female side. More on the story, including images of the mummies, can be found at

    The Luckiest Day of the Year

    In the first hour, astrologist Susan Miller talked about how February 27th is the "luckiest day of the year" and shared her forecast for 2010 and beyond. She explained that the increased luck on 2/27/10 is due to an alignment between the sun and Jupiter, an event which last happened in late 2008. She detailed what each astrological sign can expect and how to take advantage of this rare opportunity. Looking ahead to later in the year, Miller warned about an eclipse on June 26 which may result in a dip in the market or "some kind of scandal." On practice of astrology, as a whole, Miller stressed that "it's not predestination. It shows the situation and not the outcome. The outcome is up to us."


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