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    In the first half of the show, author Shelley Kaehr discussed her latest work on curses and hexes, as well as shared personal stories she uncovered during her research. Kaehr said she was stunned to discover one of her close friends believed her family had been cursed. According to Kaehr's friend, the hex began in the year 1343, when an ancestor became enraged during pregnancy, and has since adversely affected 26 generations of female descendants.

    Kaehr detailed the tragedy that befell a husband and wife who had angered their voodoo-practicing housekeeper. Two of their children committed suicide (in ways so horrible Kaehr refused to speak about them) and another was stricken with a life-threatening illness, she explained. In another account, Kaehr reported on a group of friends who may have been cursed after having the same drug-induced vision -- a demon with glowing eyes eating a person in a kitchen. All but one of the group died, she said.

    Kaehr related accounts of cursed places and objects as well, including a story about a house with some really weird energy stuck in a 7-year cycle of burning down, and one about a man who was cursed after his wife lost an onyx ring. "We bring a lot things on ourselves," Kaehr suggested, noting that if someone truly believes they are damned, they likely will be. Kaehr talked about how her cord cutting process can help people who believe they are cursed. She also spoke briefly about parallel universes and the healing power of gem stones.


    During Open Lines, Ryan in Las Vegas told George that he dreamed about the woman who would become his wife before they ever met in real life. Ryan said he came across the profile of the woman from his dreams on an online dating service. They agreed to meet for coffee and a chat, and a year later were married, he added. Doreen, originally from England but now residing in Arizona, shared a similar dream experience that seems to have prefigured her trip to America and meeting the man who became her husband.

    Stacy in Tennessee claimed to have had prophetic visions about the earthquakes that rocked Haiti, Chile, Korea, and even the one in Missouri. Stacy said she's now receiving warnings about a series of destructive sinkholes that will hit somewhere east of the Mississippi River. Chad, also in Tennessee, reported seeing an unusual amount of military vehicles in his home state and wondered what could account for the increased activity.

    At the end of Friday's program, George played a recording of a phone message left by a man who allegedly witnessed a car accident on his way to work. Listen (for FREE) to his hilarious play-by-play: Win | Real


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