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Resonance & the Paranormal


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    Appearing during the middle two hours, researcher specializing in metaphysics and the paranormal, Marie D. Jones discussed the frontiers of science and how we may finally be making the connections between what can be seen and measured, and the paranormal. As explored in her new book, The Resonance Key, co-authored with her writing partner Larry Flaxman, she spoke about how everything is vibrating at its own frequency, and specific resonances could be associated with paranormal phenomena that manifest in our reality.

    These different resonances could all be part of a large grid that we aren't necessarily aware of because we're immersed in it, she noted. Explaining the appearance of ghosts and unexplained beings, she said "the mechanism may be that whatever vibrational frequency they're operating on in their level of reality syncs up for just a few seconds with ours and we're able to perceive them, and that's why I think paranormal experiences are so fleeting."

    Privacy Update

    First hour guest, consumer privacy advocate Katherine Albrecht expressed concern over intrusive questions used in one version of the 2010 census, as well as how search engines like Google are keeping "dossiers of information" on their users based on the search terms they type in. She recommended people use, a search engine that doesn't store data on its users.

    Hollywood Ghost Hunters

    Last hour guests, actor Kane Hodder, who played Jason in the Friday the 13th movies, and stuntman Rick McCallum, talked about their organization the Hollywood Ghost Hunters, which investigates various haunted sites. Their group is composed of various horror film professionals including directors, and other actors and stunt men like Chris Carnel who played the Miner in My Bloody Valentine. One of the most haunted places they've visited is the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, said McCallum, though they also investigated the Oman House, located near where Manson murder victims were killed.

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