Ghosts, Spirits & Entities

Ghosts, Spirits & Entities


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsDr. Rita Louise

George Noory delved into the world of ghosts, spirits, and attached entities with alternative health practitioner and clairvoyant psychic Rita Louise, Ph.D. Louise recalled her first encounter with a "dead guy" at her childhood home -- a house built in 1898. In one area of the basement there was a shift in energy and the distinct impression of a man, she said. Louise went on to study at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and became part of house healing team there. One of her cases involved a three-year-old who claimed to have a boogie man in her closet. According to Louise, the girl had opened a door into the spirit world simply by allowing imaginary playmates into her life.

Louise described an attached entity as "a being without a body, with a ghost-like character." We tend to invite them in or something in our personalities attracts them to us, she said. Attached entities enter a person's auric field, the electromagnetic energy surrounding a physical body, where they can cause a host of problems, she continued. Louise believes these beings are responsible for mental conditions ranging from obsessive–compulsive disorder to schizophrenia. Though they have been known to stay attached to people, usually these entities feed off of a person's emotional energy until the victim stops the behavior that attracted them, she added.

Louise discussed her work as a soul healer/medical intuitive and shared details of her work with a woman suffering from bulimia. The patient had a very hungry young man in her auric field, Louise explained, noting that the woman would regularly consume a couple of boxes of cereal and a dozen eggs for breakfast, followed by five Big Macs (with all the trimmings) for lunch. Louise said she was able to resolve the case by moving the entity out of the woman's auric space and performing energy work on the entity.

She also spoke about non-human entities, the difference between demons and attached entities, as well as her experiences with ghost-hunting group Metroplex Paranormal Investigations. "There isn't really anything going on [at most of places the group visits] or it's residual energy that the people are picking up on," she said, pointing out that active haunting cases are fairly rare. In the event that one's house is really haunted, Louise suggested giving the ghost a name and trying to communicate with it.

The last hour featured a replay of Open Lines from 1/11/08.



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