Secret Door X

Secret Door X


HostGeorge Noory

GuestsMichael Shedlock, Rosemary Ellen Guiley, Lionel Fanthorpe, Joyce Riley

In the 10th edition of our Secret Door special, three guests made surprise one-hour appearances. First through the "door" was paranormal investigator & author Rosemary Ellen Guiley, who discussed dreams and their significance. "Dreams speak in emotion and imagery-- those are the two dominant languages of dreams and they have to be understood more on an intuitive level than an analytical level," she explained. Dreams often cue us in on how we're feeling and may also represent different anxieties in our lives, she noted. Special types of dreams include precognitive (glimpses of future events), lucid (becoming aware that you're dreaming within the dream), and incubating (using dreaming for practice and guidance).

Next up, storyteller & author Lionel Fanthorpe talked about the fascination with mysteries which he believes is motivated by people's innate curiosity. In his recent survey on spirits and demons in the U.K., he came across some interesting reports. These included strange purple claw-like fingers said to haunt a cathedral, a water demon believed to lurk under the foundation of a church that was built over water, and an evil entity that appears as a dark mist at a castle.

Last through the door, was a woman who mysteriously spoke in an Irish brogue. Surprisingly, it turned out to be Gulf War Vets advocate, nurse Joyce Riley. "In this day and age of 2010, we are seeing more sick and dying military people returning from Iraq and Afghanistan than we've ever seen before," and some 80% of returning Vets are plagued with some type of mental disorder, she reported. "Let's quit using these soldiers as some kind of cannon fodder to experiment upon," with vaccines that are untested," she declared. Riley also talked about a number of Vets who heard her speak out on their issues on C2C broadcasts over the years, and found solace.

Economic Analysis

First hour guest, investment advisor Mish Shedlock offered economic analysis. Reports have said that unemployment is going down, but that may be just due to seasonal hiring, he pointed out. The #1 issue right now is that many states are completely cash strapped, he added.



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