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    In the first half of the show, editor and author Robert Gleason joined George live in the studios at WOR in New York City to talk about the ancient Mayans, prophecies, and 2012. The Maya, who were great astronomers and mathematicians, had five long count calendars which could be considered more like countdowns than calendars, he said. They revered prophecies, astral insights, and shamans, and believed that the stars were all gods that controlled all aspects of life on Earth, he continued. 1,000 years ago, one of their gods, Quetzalcoatl, was incarnated as one of the Toltec Kings, they believed.

    Gleason has found similarities between the Bible's Book of Revelation and the Mayan's end time visions. Revelation refers to Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and the Mayans had their equivalent with four catastrophes, he noted. "In both cases the reign of humanity comes to an end on Earth," he added, noting that there is a scientific basis for various catastrophes such as drought, and depletion of resources. There have been five major extinction events in evolutionary history, and "we're going through number six now," Gleason suggested.


    In the second half of the show, MIT educated chemist Dr. Raymond Francis shared his approach to health. There is really only one disease, he said, and that is the malfunctioning of cells, which is brought about by either deficiencies or toxicities. The body can become imbalanced by ingredients such as aspartame and MSG, and people should take care to avoid them, as well as sugar, and wheat, he outlined.

    While he advocated taking supplements like Vitamin C, Francis advised people to seek out quality products (he offers a free report on choosing the right supplements). A critic of the American system of medicine, he suggested that their whole paradigm is wrong-- "only 10-15% has any basis in science, and the rest of just basically a collection of anecdotes, and that's why it doesn't work." Modern medicine is all about suppressing the symptoms of disease with drugs and surgery, instead of looking at the roots causes of a problem, he added.

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