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Bizarre Stories & Sleepwalking Tales


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    In the first half of the program, George Noory spoke with author Varla Ventura, who shared stories from her research into the world of the strange and freaky. One odd case involved a San Francisco woman who was injured when the cable car she was riding crashed. Ventura said the woman sued the city claiming the accident had turned her into a nymphomaniac, and eventually won a $50,000 settlement. Other offbeat legal cases included one about a man who fought for custody of his amputated leg, and another brought by a person in Pennsylvania who filed a lawsuit against Satan. The Pennsylvania court refused to proceed because they could not establish Satan's place of residence, she noted.

    Ventura reported on the US FDA's fairly recent approval of maggots as a medical device. Maggot larvae perform a beneficial (though somewhat gruesome) function by eating dead tissue from wounds thus preventing the spread of infection. She recounted a frightening paranormal experience her friend had while cleaning windows in a basement one night. According to Ventura, the friend felt something pulling at her hair and, when she caught a glimpse of her reflection in a window, saw a chunk of hair standing straight up as if someone were there holding it. Ventura also mentioned an account of afterlife communication, her ghost tour of Preston Castle, a dog that could diagnose cancer, and the South Korean man who legally married a pillow.


    During Open Lines, George offered a special hotline for people who sleepwalk. Keith from Mississippi said his mom witnessed one of his somnambulistic episodes in which he entered the kitchen, prepared peanut butter crackers, and then went back to bed. Chuck in Levittown, Pennsylvania, told George he once dreamed he was outside at a family picnic and woke up to find himself standing on the driveway, covered in mosquito bites and locked out of his house (though he later discovered the back door was open). Chuck said he broke back into his house through the bathroom window, hit his head on the tub as he entered, and has never sleepwalked again.

    An interesting call came in from Steven in Oregon, who recognized the voice of a caller on a past Coast to Coast show who spoke about being in a UFO when she was young. According to Steven, he was aboard the same craft and recalled the finger sword fight game the two played by the window of the ship. Paula, also from Oregon, remembered visiting a old cemetery in Jacksonville (Oregon) and returning home to find a mysterious set of dusty handprints on her car. Rita in Los Angeles presented two odd tales, one about a haunted radio in the Alexandria Hotel, and another about a girl with a golf ball-sized lump on her face that was filled with baby spiders.


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    A ghostly face appeared this week in a cloud formation in the skies over Bristol, England. Nola Hersey, a 44-year-old finance manager, captured the bizarre vaporous countenance while out for a walk at sunset. "I noticed a girl’s face very clearly in the cloud. It was amazing, you could her face and hair very well," she said. Additional photo at

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